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Tempest Resourcing for the World Autism Awareness Week

27th March-2nd April will be the World Autism Awareness Week (WAAW). Tempest Resourcing invites all of you to stand out for autism & support the National Autistic Society


This morning our Special Educational Needs division shared with all Tempest staff an interesting fact:

Around 700,000 people in the UK have autism. Together with their families they make up over 2.7 million people whose lives are touched by autism every single day.

As high as these numbers are, we want to highlight the great effort that a huge number of people put in on a daily basis in caring and supporting children and adults affected by autism spectrum disorder. From friends to families, from teachers to professionals, from carers to doctors.

At Tempest, as experts in the recruitment of SEN qualified teachers, we know how important it is to give all the support, education and training to those with autism, in order for them to live with dignity, respect and as independently as possible.

That's why we support this fantastic cause by sponsoring the National Autistic Society, and we invite all of you to stand out for autism and help spread the word (#standoutforautism #onesiewednesday #waaw)


Why the National Autistic Society & how to get involved in WAWW?

The National Autistic Society (NAS) is the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. With the help of their members, supporters and volunteers the NAS provides information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism.

There are loads of ways that you could get involved. You could:

  • Celebrate WAAW in your school
  • Get cooking with the pink and purple bake-off
  • Have an unforgettable Onesie Wednesday
  • Take part in Night Walks for Autism.