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The 3rd Tempest Recruitment Academy has begun!

Growth, Progress, Consistency. These are the three company values that Tempest Resourcing has always believed in, since its constitution 4 years ago.

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This philosophy has never been more relevant than today, when the third edition of Tempest Recruitment Academy kicks off. We think, in fact, that the success of a company is directly proportional to the success and level of fulfillment of its employees.

As a company that believes in people and their potentiality to succeed, the Recruitment Academy is the best investment in terms of:

  • Delivering the essential skills and knowledge required to be a recruitment consultant of the highest standard
  • Assure the right level of confidence to our new employees, since they'll be fully aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • Spread a sense of belonging, as the new trainees will be an active part of our company since day 1


The Academy, held by Rachael Donohoe and Michael Humphreys – both Associate Directors of the Education and Social Work Divisions respectively – and in partnership with the RecruiterHub, is a 10 week training program, formed by a structured combination of: Training sessions, Sales Activities and Weekly Reviews.



NAME: Toni Clare
FROM: Originally from Liverpool but now lives in Leyton, London.
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Her previous job experience was in sales & promotion


"The academy is really great! I had the chance to learn so much and put the know-how into practice at my desk, where my manager helps me achieving my sales goals. Sharing this experience with other peers was also fun; I laughed a lot and I really enjoyed learning in the classroom."

"The main benefits I could get from the Academy are:

  • you go through every part of recruitment in each training day
  • you get to role play and practice it all with the other members in the training programme.
  • putting what you've learned into practice right after the classroom, helps a lot to remember the lesson, as your mind is still fresh

"I have never had any recruitment experience before, as my other colleagues, and I was surprised how you can pick everything up well through the training, as long as you work hard and have the urge to do well then there is no reason you should not succeed."


Follow the stories of Phil, Rami, Helena, Lucy, Charlie and their achievements on our facebook page!