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Find the best teaching post and talent for September with Tempest! Contact us today and you could win a brand new iPad too!

Summer is just around the corner. 6 weeks of relaxation, peace and fun lie ahead of you
And if you're still planning for your next great job opportunity, or looking to recruit top talent for the new school year, it's certainly not too late.
Follow these top tips from Tempest's expert consultants and advisors, for the ultimate summer peace of mind:

1) Act now for the best and broadest choice

With only weeks to go until the holidays the Tempest Education Team are working harder than ever, for you. Every day we're recruiting, matching and placing talented NQTs and teachers for a wide range of posts, across London Primary, Secondary and SEN schools. Call us now to ensure your pick of the best.
  • We offer more than just a job placement, our dedicated consultants are working hard to support and develop your career long term.
  • Our coverage of dedicated geographic markets across the UK, allow you to get the best solution within your local area
  • Enjoy top rates of pay and access to a wide range of training and networking
What's more since we know that the best teachers need the best tools, we're offering you an amazing prize!


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2) Your CV is your business card. Get it spotless for September.

You'll never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Here are some Tempest Tips, direct from our expert consultant team:
  • Be careful with the layout. Your CV should be visually clear and easy to read. It needs to drive the recruiter's attention. Use bold and italic typefaces for headings and important information. It's also a good idea to put your name in the footer area – next to the page number - so that it appears on each sheet.
  • Be concise. The best CVs tend to be fairly economical with words. Select the most important information and leave a little something for the interview. The longer your CV is, the harder it is for a potential employer to spot your achievements. What is the ideal CV length? Our consultants recommend no more than 3 pages.
  • Be positive. Put yourself over confidently and highlight your strong points. Have your personal profile at the beginning to summarise your biggest achievements and skills
  • Be honest. Although a CV is not a legal document, you should never give inaccurate or misleading information. Recruiters are experts at uncovering them!
3) Make sure your school is never without teh best staff for the new academic year.
The months of June can be particularly intense in some schools, where Headteachers work towards the final resignation deadline of the academic year for teachers, and recruitment becomes one of their top priorities.
Here are some Tempest Tips to attract the highest quality staff at all level and enter the summer terms with peace of mind:
  • Candidate attraction. Use a variety of sources i.e. personal network, advertising, LinkedIn and of course recruitment agencies, who provide a free service until the point a person is recruited
  • Don't compromise standards. If someone does not impress at interview then they are probably not going to impress when in the job role – gut feel is incredibly important
  • Try and give the opportunity for a candidate to meet as many people as possible, through either a 2-3 stage interview or a single interview, plus a chance to meet colleagues in a less formal environment
  • Remember an interview is a two way process. The interviewer needs to sell the school as much as the candidate needs to sell themselves
  • After an offer has been made. Make sure you stay in touch with the candidate to prevent drop outs

The good news is that Tempest will be working throughout the summer, so call us any time, for advice, guidance and solutions. Happy Holidays from the Tempest Team!


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