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Contrary to what a lot of people believe, Interim Management is not a new sector.

It was in the 3rd century BC, when the Romans first set up the system of hiring contractors for a short term period ("interim" is the Latin adverb for 'in the meantime'). However the modern practice of Interim Management started in the mid to late-1970s, when permanent employees in the Netherlands were protected by long notice periods and companies faced large costs for terminating employees. Hiring managers on a temporary basis presented itself as an ideal solution.

This particular form of temporary leadership is now firmly established inside UK businesses, who are increasingly turning to Interim Managers to help them drive growth, restructure and take advantage of better economic times.

A survey conducted by the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) among 2,728 Interim Managers and executives in the UK, reveals some really interesting facts:

 interim infographic


Social Work & Interim Management: a winning partnership.

The Institute of Interim Management analysed the range of Industries where Interim Managers predominantly work. With interest we found out that Healthcare, NHS, Medical and Social Work sectors have been ranked in  second place (occupying 24% of the market), just after Business, Technology and Financial services.

According to the same survey, 29% of Interim Managers work predominantly via Service Providers, against the 31% who use a mix of direct and provider sources. Moreover it’s been proved that:


6673% of placements occur where the Interim Manager is already known to the consultant. Knowing the consultant ahead of time gives Interim Managers a nine-fold advantage compared to lodging a CV on a database.  99 The Institute of Interim Management

We’ve asked Alison Nimmo, responsible for the Interim Management of our Social Work division, what the Interim Management market trend at Tempest Resourcing is: 

“I can only confirm the figures reported by the IIM survey. In just a year since we started the new Interim division, our market share has grown considerably and is showing no signs of slowing over the next. We’re also proud to say that we’re successfully supplying Interims across all UK Local Authorities and Social Care organisations”.


What does a client look in an Interim Manager?

“The key element when clients seek Interim Managers is trust, by using a provider they already know. As a leading Interim service supplier, we guarantee a consistent network of strong, long-lasting relationships with Social Care organisations and Local Authorities, as well as in-depth sector knowledge.”


Can you list 5 top reasons why interim managers could benefit from an interim provider?

“A leading service supplier, regardless of its size or business model, must be able to provide a high quality service. The main benefits our Interim candidates can get from Tempest Resourcing are:

  • Understanding the Interim's current requirements and future career path
  • In-depth understanding of the market and Social Care sector
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Large and comprehensive client network
  • Effectiveness and speed of payments



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