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Here at Tempest we were extremely interested in the findings of Ofsted's third Annual Report for 2013/14, published on the 10th December.

It gave a potentially controversial snapshot of teaching across the whole country.

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children Services and Skills described two very differing pictures across the sector:

While primary schools continue to progress, with 82% of schools now rated 'good' or 'outstanding', up from 78% in 2013, standards in secondary schools have remained flat, with 71% of schools rated 'good' or 'outstanding', the same proportion as last year.

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In secondary schools, where improvements have stalled, or standards have declined, inspectors identified poor leadership, ineffective middle management and weak governance as contributory factors. Improving those standards will clearly be a priority for the whole sector in the year ahead and beyond.

2015: An opportunity for support and growth

Investing in a talent pool for secondary schools has never been more important. Our team of consultants are already employing their years of experience in Education recruitment, to connect the very best secondary school teachers with clients across the UK.

"Control and pressure from watchdog inspectors will result in secondary schools improving standards to become better than ever. Tempest is ideally positioned to help schools in their ambitions to recruit ever-higher quality staff." says Laura Tanner, Manager of our specialist new Secondary School Division.

The report also contains some important optimistic information as well as directions for positive change:

66Many secondary schools are also doing a superb job – this year alone, 113 of them were judged to be 'outstanding'. Leadership is excellent, teaching is inspirational and the ethos fosters a learning culture"99  Sir Michael Wilshaw – Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14 

The perfect recipe for a secondary school to operate with high standards is reported to be:

  • Strong leadership
  • Positive and orderly culture
  • Good teaching
  • Robust assessment
  • systems

Meanwhile, it's also clear that there will be a huge demand for new teachers of both primary and secondary schools in the years ahead. Official Government figures published in 2014 project that by 2023 there will be a total of 8,022.000 pupils in England's schools – up from 7,143.000 in the current academic year.

66Thousands more teachers are needed over the next decade to educate the almost one million more children due to be attending the nation's schools in this period.  99  Sir Michael Wilshaw – Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14 

Crucial to delivering on this challenge is that schools are able to rely on competent and professional staffing providers. Tempest believes that we are in the very best position to deliver for our clients, shortlisting only the best QTS candidates, interim managers and senior leaderships with the right experience, carefully matching them with both the ethos and the philosophy of the institution. 

 "This is an exciting time and an amazing opportunity for anyone dreaming of career in education. For Newly Qualified Teachers as well as for Senior Leadership the prospects are fantastic", comments Rachael Donohoe, Associate Director at Tempest Resourcing.


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