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At Tempest Resourcing we think that people make the difference. That's why we value every single candidate's story, achievement and success.

We also know that our success wouldn't be so significant without the hard work of our incredible Qualified Social Workers and locums, who give their best every day
What better way to celebrate all of you than by sharing your personal, special journey with us.
We're planning to celebrate talent throughout the year, so if you want to be our candidate of the quarter, or if you know a friend or colleague whose story deserves to be told, please get in touch. Drop us an email, briefly outlining your story, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MEET FRANC LARKIN: Senior Social Worker at Hertfordshire


What's your current job?

I've stepped into a Consultancy Social Work post for Hertfordshire, equivalent to Advanced Practitioner, Senior Social Worker. My role is to provide practical guidance, advice and support to Team Managers, Senior Practitioners, Social Workers and Children's Practitioners, with regards to their performance.

How did you hear about Tempest?

I posted my CV to Community Care and received a call from a really nice Tempest consultant. He persuaded me that signing up with Tempest would benefit me well, and it has! At that time I was signed up with another agency, but found my Tempest consultant to be quick on the ball, possessed of a dry sense of humour and always able to go the extra mile to deliver what I was looking for (and even more!) I couldn't have asked for a better consultant.

What kinds of difficulty you do you have to cope with in your job?

A man I hold in high regard (a Child Psychologist) once told me: "In this profession there is nothing insurmountable nor problematic that you cannot solve. You possess the skills! You only become stressed if you allow yourself to be stressed." When you work in the helping arena you develop the skills to cope, manage, solve problems and perform. We respect ourselves and honour our clients by doing our best, always.

66When you work in the helping arena you develop the skills to cope, manage, solve problems and
 Frank Larkin – Senior Social Worker 
 What's the best part of your job?

My job involves planting seeds for positive change, ensuring the safety of families, mothers, fathers and children. It's such a great feeling running into them years later, seeing how thankful they are for the support given. Knowing that some of the kids I took care of have progressed a lot in their lives (one of them recently became a doctor) makes me really proud of them.

How did Tempest help you in your career progression? 

I can confidently sayTempest added to my CV by securing roles that I had never considered. Tempest continues to serve me well. I have the best consultant on top of that too. I would recommend Tempest to any friend and colleague.


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