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Rachael Matthes


words donohoeRachael Matthes

Why did you choose to work at Tempest?

I was one of the original 4 employees, way back in August 2011, heading up the Education team. I have lots of experience working in start-ups and love helping to establish and growing new businesses. I bought into Paul and Pete’s vision at the start and as we grew I knew I wanted to stay.

What’s the best thing about working here?

Paul and Peter have let me drive the success of my team in my own way, and it feels like we are at the heart of the company. I’m able to make decisions that have a hands-on impact and have the freedom to motivate and coach them. It’s a great feeling to help people find and grow their potential.

How has Tempest helped your career and ambitions?

I’m proud to have grown the education team into a strong, successful group of people and am delighted that this work has been recognised through my promotion to Associate Director. It’s been hard work but truly brilliant. Tempest has gotten me to where I want to be! There’s been a clear, defined career progression, room to grow and promises made have been delivered. That’s pretty rare in the recruitment industry.

What do your candidates come to you for?

I’m able to give a lot of advice on the market: from salaries to the pros and cons of working with other agencies. I take my role very seriously - aware that we are in a position of responsibility and trust. Candidates are putting their livelihood in our hands, and some will see us as a friend and confidante. I’m always happy to have a chat, to reassure them, and help them through a challenge or a change.

Don’t work here if you:

…are not self-motivated person. That’s the number 1 key thing!
…are not success hungry. You need to have the desire to get to the next level.