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Lawrence Okhide


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Why did you choose to work at Tempest?

I chose Tempest for three important reasons:

Firstly, I was impressed by Paul and Pete’s past successes, and really bought into their future ambitions for Tempest.

Secondly I knew that there would a good opportunity to progress my career here.

And finally, the earning potential.

What’s the best thing about working here?

I love the company’s “work hard, play hard” ethos. There’s a genuinely friendly working environment and atmosphere here.

But there’s another pretty unique thing about Tempest, which is that you are given autonomy to work to your strengths. You have the freedom to build your desk and reach your targets in your own way. Management are always there to provide support and confidence that we are delivering in the right way.

How has Tempest helped your career and ambitions?

Working at Tempest has given me a set of strong skills especially organisation skills and an expertise in working with People. On a more personal level my job here has given me confidence and financial freedom.

What do your candidates come to you for?

Candidates come with high expectations, hoping that I’ll place them in their dream job with the highest possible pay rate or salary. I work hard to achieve the very best for them. Every day is different and candidates are always looking to me for all sorts of support and advice.

Don’t work here if you:

…don’t have the drive to succeed. Be prepared to invest long hours in the beginning, before you can realise a salary you would be proud of. As they say, you get out what you put in...