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Sebastien Sauca


words saucaSebastien Sauca

Why did you choose to work at Tempest?

I finished my Master’s Degree and came to London from France. My English was not that great even after 3 months in an English language school. I was looking for a company that would give me a chance. I wanted an exciting and interesting job, something that would reward me for hard work

Everybody at some point meets people who will give them a chance to succeed. For me it was both directors at Tempest. They gave me a 2 week trial and offered me a role.

What’s the best thing about working here?

In most other recruitment agencies they have a formula to teach you how to be a recruiter. At Tempest we learn to let our personality. You will be successful because of yourself, not only because you follow a process.

Spend just 10 minutes at Tempest and you will understand what I mean. Our best consultants use their own personal style to achieve the results and quality that the business needs. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Tempest allows you to be an individual and that makes you want to work even harder.

It’s really important for me to work for a company that fits me as well as I fit the company, and that applies here.

How has Tempest helped your career and ambitions?

First and foremost it’s given me a good job.

Tempest is really internal promotion orientated and offered me the opportunity to be Team Manager. I’ve been here for 18 months and Tempest remains committed to understanding my ambitions and giving me the opportunity to reach my personal targets.

What do your candidates come to you for?

Dedication and honesty. My approach has always been based on empathy. I ask myself the question: “What would I expect from my consultant if I was a Social Worker?”. My answer would be ‘efficiency’, ‘dedication’, ‘support’ and ‘advice’. And that’s what I try to offer. It’s important that they have someone they can rely on, to tell them about the UK social work market. They value my point of view and my insight.

Don’t work here if you:

…are not determined
…don’t have a good sense of humour
….are not competitive and a team player (yes it is possible to be both!).